Goodbye Someday

Fly the W…history was made last night.  On November 2, 2016 in a historic series and epic game 7, the Cubs became World Series Champs!

Against all odds the Cubs did it:  first being down 3-1 in the series and having to rally the win at home in game 5; then the two run homer by Rajai Davis in game 7 to tie it 6-6; extra innings and a 20+ minute rain delay; finally the Cubs poured it on in the 10th inning, scoring 2 runs to provide the cushion they needed. In what would be the game winner, World Series M.V.P. Ben Zobrist hit a go-ahead double, and Miguel Montero followed up with an R.B.I. single to give the Cubs the insurance run they needed.  Talk about stress!

People like me, who are not baseball fans in general, didn’t know whether to be happiest for the Cubs team and organization, the long-suffering fans in Chicago, Bill Murray, or just all the new-found Cubs fans caught up in the stressful moments of this 7 game series that the wait was over.

Waking up this morning, I think Nike has said what we have all felt for the Cubs which is “Goodbye Someday” via an epic short film that began running after the win.   The shoe company released a one-minute video celebrating the Cubs win by bidding farewell to more than a century of "maybe next years." The film shows a young boy playing alone on a Chicago ball diamond, celebrating the Cubs' World Series title by hitting an imaginary Series-winning homerun, while Willie Nelson sings in the background. Nike spoke the minds of millions of Chicago Cubs fans hours after the team's first World Series win in 108 years.

"Goodbye Someday."

Here is a glimpse at the wonderful tribute film by Nike: 

Don’t stop believing that there is more history, rather her-story to be made this month where we can once again use the headline:  “Goodbye Someday”.  In another long wait for fans and believers, I think something else will end on November 8th and the first woman President will be elected!

Peace and Love,


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Adam Kramer