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Nancy Tamayo

Nancy Tamayo

Chief Executive Officer


My role model is Oprah Winfrey.

My favorite thing to watch is Top Gun (I feel the need, the need for speed).

If I wasn't a talent manager, I would be a spy.

My favorite place in the world is Italy (I love to mix history, great food and wonderful people).

When I grew up I wanted to work for Elle Magazine (I achieved that goal and it was overrated).

Now that I am grown up, I want to be happily retired before I am a senior citizen.

I cannot live without my family (including my four legged members).

I live by the words “Do what you love and love what you do.” 


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As co-founder of the company, which started in 2012, along with Chief Talent Officer Petar Mandich, Tamayo brings more than 25 years of digital and emerging media sales and management experience working for startups, entertainment focused publishers and multi-national, media corporations.

In addition to managing talent on the ADDITION roster, Tamayo manages the financials and focuses on driving strategy and brand expansion for each of the top tier talent. These areas include licensing and distribution, original video content, new series development, books, tours, music, products and sponsorships. Tamayo has a keen eye toward engaging the ADDITION roster in sports, esports, health and fitness.

Most recently, Tamayo served as Head of Brand Partnership and Media Sales for Collective Digital Studios. Responsible for leading the global efforts on content integration and media programs for all the artists with blue chip advertisers and their many agencies.

Previously, Tamayo was Vice President of Global Ad Sales for the Machinima Entertainment Network, the leading partner network/channel on YouTube in the video gaming space. She handled the launch of a custom, branded animation series with Panasonic North America and several partnerships with top entertainment partners including CBS, Fox, HBO/Cinemax, Lionsgate, Sony Pictures and Universal Pictures.

Prior to Machinima, Tamayo was a consultant for Buzz Media, Inc. focusing on new business and territory development. Tamayo has also launched several high-profile video and emerging media, start-up companies including Tidal TV (now known as Videology), Joost and Massive Incorporated (a division of Microsoft). At Joost, she executed the go to market launch sales strategy that netted over $2MM in initial sales from global advertisers such as HP, IBM, Intel and Nike. In addition while at Joost, Tamayo developed a key account relationship with Inter Public Group (IPG) Agencies which resulted in 10 clients (GM Europe, Intel, Lionsgate, Microsoft, Motorola, Sony Electronics, Sony Pictures, Taco Bell, US Army, Unilever Magnum Europe) from their global portfolio of agencies participating in exclusive category partnerships and research studies. At Massive Incorporated, she led the sales efforts to exceed first half 2006 revenue goals which helped propel a reported $200MM acquisition of Massive by Microsoft in May 2006.

Tamayo also has convergent media expertise in selling digital, cable, magazine and licensed product advertising and sponsorships as the former Director of Sales at Nickelodeon Online, a division of MTV Networks and Viacom. Her leadership of the entertainment category allowed theatrical ad revenue to grow by 575% in her first year with the company. She was also instrumental in securing new advertisers, Honda and Old Navy, for Nickelodeon’s multi-million dollar, multi-platform event: The Kid’s Choice Awards.

Tamayo holds a B.S. in Business Administration, Marketing from San Diego State University.


Petar Mandich

Petar Mandich

Chief Talent Officer


My role models are all of my clients.

My favorite thing to watch is Six Feet Under.

If I wasn't a talent manager, I would be a psychiatrist.

My favorite place in the world is Serbia.

When I grew up I wanted to be a doctor.

Now that I am grown up, I want to be a photographer.

I cannot live without sparkling water.

My favorite quote is “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein


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A pioneer in the space, Mandich is a leading digital content strategist, producer and talent manager working with many of the top content creators and channels on YouTube including: Justine Ezarik (iJustine), Joey Graceffa, Evelina, Nadeshot, Threadbanger, amongst others. He and his team offer best in class direction and strategy to brands, producers, publishers, and talent for creating and designing content and assets targeted at specialized, young adult audiences that can be monetized on digital, mobile, broadband TV, VOD and other video and social platforms.

His leadership has focused the firm on talent management, digital and endorsements. He has a keen business sense for monetizing talent’s current business content through licensing, merchandise and original content and building short and long term strategies to achieve goals.

Mandich has been instrumental in forging strong, successful partnerships with brands such as Ford, Toyota, Electronic Arts, Activision, Kraft, Microsoft, L’Oreal, Cover Girl, Keds, Olay, Nordstrom, AOL, Verizon, INTEL, Frito Lay, eBay, Johnson & Johnson, P&G and Unilever, to name a few. His clients have also been featured in national television and print commercials with brands such as Target, Nordstrom, Crest, and Samsung.

Mandich also serves as an Executive Producer on “Escape the Night,” the Streamy Award winning YouTube Premium unscripted murder mystery series starring creator Joey Graceffa, who has more than 11 MM followers on YouTube. He shepherded the launch of Graceffa’s memoir “In Real Life: My Journey to a Pixelated World,” which became a #1 New York Times best seller and his recent New York Times best selling novel “Eden” 3 part series.

With Mandich’s guidance, his longtime client, Justine Ezarik (iJustine), has crossed over into traditional media including appearances on major networks such as NBC, The CW, CBS, MTV, and E!. Mandich began working with Justine early in her career and has helped her forge a massive, dedicated audience of over 5.8MM subscribers on YouTube and more than 1.9MM Twitter followers, as well as winning a Streamy and becoming a New York Times best-selling author in 2015.

Mandich was recognized as "YouTube’s Gatekeeper" in a LA Weekly cover story and named one the industry’s most formidable dealmakers in the YouTube space by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2015. ReelSEO recognized him as one of the 25 Top YouTube Power Players of 2013.

As one of the initial members of the Collective Digital Studio (now Studio71), Mandich helped oversee the acquisition and growth of top digital influencers developing their brands and presence both inside and outside of the YouTube platform and worked with the critically acclaimed rock band Avenged Sevenfold and the world renowned, Alanis Morissette.

Mandich grew up in Chicago and graduated from The University of Southern California (USC) with a B.S. in Music Industry.niversity of Southern California (USC) as a Presidential Scholar with a B.S. in Music Industry.

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Edward Wiklund

Edward Wiklund

Talent Associate


My role models are… Nomi Malone and Valerie Cherish

My favorite thing to watch is… (I’m first and foremost a ~Libra~ so I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve compiled a list)

Movies: Dogville, Waiting For Guffman, All About Eve, Thirteen, First Wives Club, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Sunset Boulevard, The Hours, Clueless, Under The Skin, Spring Breakers, Call Me By Your Name, Kill Bill Vol. 1, All About My Mother, American Honey, 20th Century Women, Koyaanisqatsi, Showgirls, Phantom Thread, Shoplifters, Suspiria, Mother!, Ingrid Goes West, Brooklyn, Bachelorette, Notes on a Scandal

TV: The Comeback, Summer Heights High, Vanderpump Rules, Survivor, Big Little Lies, Pretty Wild, GLOW, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Nanny, Pen15, Russian Doll, Killing Eve

If I wasn't a talent manager, I would be… a two time Best Supporting Actress Winner

My favorite place in the world is… My bed or Japan lol. 

When I grew up I wanted to be… Cher from Clueless

Now that I am grown up, I want to be… Cher from Mamma Mia 2. 

I cannot live without… tacos, Lana del Rey, Netflix, my therapist Trish, and my iPhone. I’m a basic and highly emotional homosexual.

I live by the words… It’s Britney, Bitch! 


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Liam Lobo

Liam Lobo

Talent Associate


My role model is Ellen DeGeneres (I love you, if you ever read this text me)

My favorite thing to watch is FRIENDS (Timeless classic, I know all the lines)

If I wasn't a talent manager, I would be a Casting Director or Executive Producer.

My favorite place in the world is Los Angeles. Love at first sight! <3

When I grew up I wanted to be a singer. (I actually had several concerts in my shower)

Now that I am grown up, I want to make stars! *** (Take my hand, let's go!)

I cannot live without social media and pop culture. (Hello, Millennials!)

I live by the words "You'll never know if you never try" Someone, Somewhere


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Mitchell Alcoser

Mitchell Alcoser

Talent Assistant


My role model is my mom (She’s taught me more than any professor ever has.)

My favorite thing to watch is Always Sunny In Philadelphia 

If I wasn't a talent manager, I would be a fashion designer. 

My favorite place in the world is a beach in Michigan. Nothing is more relaxing than your feet in the sand on a fresh-water lake  in July.

When I grew up I wanted to be a journalist then I realized Twitter and politics don’t mix well. 

Now that I am grown up, I want to settle down on a ranch away from the big city, tending to my crops and reading a book everyday.

I cannot live without my headphones or clean dishes.

I live by the words “Change is the only constant” -My High School Band Director


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