Name Calling

Since I can remember, people have been “name calling” me “Tomato”.  I think it started in kindergarten when one or two clever kids decided that Tamayo (pronounced Tuh-my-oh) was too similar to Tomato to let it slide.

So the nickname “Tomato” was born at five years old and while it may have been intended as something funny or negative in grade school, it is now a “badge of honor” I accept with pride.  My son was even anointed the “Cherry Tomato” at his birth by my BFF Andi.  So when I went to name this blog/column the Tomato name had to be part of the title for sure, no doubts, since the nickname is part of who I am.

The rest of the column name was a little harder to come up with.  Do I make it a strong name as a leader now talking about business, pop culture and personal anecdotes?  Do I come up with something cutesy that goes with Tomato?  Do I look to the past for strong names of media outlets that lead their respective fields?   OR, do I look to a name that represents the “truth” of what this outlet is meant to be for the title?  In the end, I went with a combination of all the above. 

Why a blog now?  Because we are one month away from the most controversial Presidential election of my lifetime and as a woman with a voice I felt compelled to speak like I have never spoken before.  To let the few people know, who may read this blog, that Name Calling, by one of the candidates is deplorable.  HOWEVER, name calling can be acceptable if you break down the “why” in the moment and never have to apologize for not thinking something through.

So welcome to The Tomato dis-Patch and for your vocabulary/meaning lesson on the column name, please read on…

Tomato (proper noun) – a woman with a voice who wants to respectfully share some of her insights, observations and opinions with you.

dis (verb) – to criticize (but, with careful explanation and suggestions for improvement)

patch(noun) – small piece of ground or patch (verb) – mend or strengthen

dispatch (verb) - deal with (a task, problem, or opponent) quickly and efficiently OR dispatch (noun) an important, official message

So feel free to join me in Name Calling and any other commentary you care to share on The Tomato dis-Patch…please just follow my rules of engagement when you stand your ground! 

Peace and love, 


Adam KramerTomato