Mean Tweets…The Funny Dudes Edition

Mean Tweets - Obama IS trending from last night, so I had to do a follow up to yesterday’s blog.  I don’t usually watch the Jimmy Kimmel Show “live”, but was working late so I decided to see if POTUS was just as funny on his “sequel” appearance.

Obama didn’t disappoint with the funniest zinger of course directed at the Presidential candidate who loves to go to the twitter platform and voice his POV at 3 a.m.  In response to the @realDonaldTrump tweet on the show (see pic above), Obama declares: “Well, at least @realDonaldTrump, I will go down as APresident!” then drops the phone to seal the mean tweets deal!

As a follow up to mean tweets about Obama, I decided to cherry pick some noteworthy ones from other funny dudes on the show during the last two months (September & October 2016). I am sure there are many others, BUT this is a daily blog with no research budget, so I will save the “ladies” who make you LOL for another blog.

Russell Crowe’s smirk at the end of his reading is priceless:


Hugh Grant seems perplexed as to the validity of the tweet by stating:  “Are these real or do you make them up to be especially nasty?”

And finally a “classy” answer by Ryan Gosling to a “classic” mean tweet question: “It’s because I’m a gentleman”.


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Adam Kramer