SNL vs. IRL and the winner of the debate edition is…

It’s the morning after and we all want to know who the ultimate winner was of the third presidential debate. Was it Kate McKinnon and Alec Baldwin (SNL) OR Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (IRL)? Let’s get right to the issues (and the best lines or catch phrases from each edition) that had all of us ROTFL or ready to line up at the polls in outrage to vote!

Reproductive Rights: Winner = SNL  

Kate McKinnon’s Hillary says: “I’m glad you raised this topic because what two better people are there to talk about women’s issues.  Me, a woman who has had a child and has taken birth control.  And him a man who is a child and whose face is birth control.” 

Immigration Issues: Winner = IRL  

Trump gave us “One of my first acts will be to get all of the drug lords, all of the bad ones, we have some bad bad people in this country that have to go out. Were going to get them out we're going to secure the border and once the border is secure at a later date we will make its determination as to the rest. But we have some Bad Hombres here that we are going to let out.”  

Bad Hombres Out + Wall = Immigration Reform.  Enough said.

Education: Winner = IRL

Or rather loser = Donald Trump.  Trump continues to sink to new lows by never addressing this issue fully, but also revealed his own need for some education.  In what was an insult to his grade school teachers, the Donald showed he can not form complete simple sentences and is prone to creating new words saying things like “very much better” and "bigly" to not answering a direct question. 

Sexual Assault:  Winner = Tie.  

Both Trumps (SNL and IRL) denied anything happened with the eleven women who came forward and went on to claim: “Nobody has more respect for women than I do.” Chris Wallace (a.k.a. Tom Hanks) then had to tell the world and the studio audience to settle down after they cut to a shot of people hysterically laughing in audiences around the world then transitioning to a picture of the earth from space - with the entire world cackling. 

However later from the IRL debate, Trump gave the ultimate hypocritical line by calling Hillary a “Nasty Woman” and the rest is history from the twittersphere reacting to the phrase to creating a huge spike in sales for Janet Jackson’s “Nasty” song!

Support for His/Her Candidacy:  Winner = SNL  

Alec Baldwin’s Trump says he has “The cream of the crop supporting him.  I’ve got Sarah Palin.  I’ve got ChaChi. And get this, I have even got the best Baldwin brother supporting me, Stephen Baldwin!” 

But in my humble opinion, the best line of the debate came from “bad ass” moderator, Chris Wallace to Donald Trump on the issues of Putin and Russian Cyber Attacks:


*Mr. Trump, I’m not a potted plant here. I would like to ask some questions and I would like to ask you this direct question. The top national security officials of this country do believe that Russia has been behind these hacks. Even if you don't know for sure whether they are, do you condemn any interference with Russia in the American election?


By Russia or anybody else.


Do you condemn their interference?


Of course I condemn. 

Finally, something we can ALL agree on!

Peace and Love,


Picture Credits/References:

Adam Kramer