Bitch, Pleats!

In honor of the Presumptive next President, Hillary R. Clinton (HRC), I pay tribute with a late-breaking blog about National Pantsuit Day. 

WTF is that you may ask? National Pantsuit Day is this Saturday, October 22 ( and is a small movement in six U.S. cities that literally gained momentum over the last two months to pay tribute to HRC’s and her trademark pantsuits. A brave group of men and women will flood the streets in New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, Los Angeles, Dallas and San Francisco to show the world #ImWithHer in the most fashionable way we know how; wearing awesome, 90s-fabulous thrift-store ladies’ pantsuits. The events and marchers are an unmistakable, visual, declaration of solidarity to ignite a glorious snowball of support for Hillary across America. 

F*ck yeah, Pantsuits!

Throughout Hillary Clinton’s decades-long career, perhaps her most iconic pop-culture contribution has been her fierce loyalty to the well structured, vibrantly colored pantsuit. National Pantsuit Day will exist to celebrate the singular woman behind this no-nonsense ensemble and to show the power of our collective solidarity in the run-up to the election, and the eventual defeat of her literally evil opponent.

How can you participate and of course “what should you wear”? Definitely visit the site and if you don’t have a vintage 90’s pantsuit to throw on, you can also be on fleek with a monochromatic ensemble or Hillary branded gear/clothing.  In NYC, 500 people are going to march across the Brooklyn Bridge with a big brass band, and at the end of the whole thing this group will donate all the pantsuits worn by “partici-pants” to Dress for Success (

I promised in a social post earlier today that I would not do a humorous post about the debate today so I am keeping that promise, but… 

Bitch, pleats…believe me the urge has been hard to resist.

Peace and Love,


Picture Credits:

Adam Kramer